9 February 2016

Silvana Mens Antimagetic Incabloc

Manufacturer: Silvana
Description: Mens Antimagetic Incabloc
Model: Unknown
Color: Silver
Face Color: White


Mens Swiss made watch - 17 jewel swiss incablox movement and a flex expansion metal braclet.

My Comment

This watch belonged to Howard the first. It has seen a lot of wear. As far as I can determine, he likely purchased this watch in Mexico or South America. Other then that, that is about all I know. Another research project for me...


About Silvana Watches

Manufacturer: Silvana
Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
Year Founded: 1898
Founder: Unknown


Silvana is a swiss watch maker with a long history. First references of the Silvana watch brand name can be traced back to the 19th Century.

The book 'Armbanduhren' ("Watches") by Gisbert L. Brunner, indicates the date of foundation as 1868. Minutes of the "Association Cantonale Bernoise de Fabricants d'Horlogerie" state that Silvana envolved from the split of the A. Reymond S.A., Tramelan. The Manufacture d'Horlogerie A. Reymond S.A. was founded in 1898. Therefore the first Silvana watches were made already in the 19th Century ... a quite remarkable fact which places Silvana among the oldest Swiss watch brands.

The registration of the watch factory Silvana S.A. took place on 24 May 1923 in the Commercial Registry of Courtelary, domiciled in Tramelan. At that time the company employed approximately 70 people. In the same year the Silvana factory was admitted to the "Association Cantonale Bernoise des Fabricants d'Horlogerie" as an independent member.

In 1929 Silvana merged with the traditional and then famous watch factory H. Gasser & Co. from Bienne and on 17 February 1931, Silvana S.A. moved their offices and production to Bienne. Until 1935, Silvana watches were produced at H. Gasser & Co. On 27 December 1935, Silvana transferred their activities back to their origins to the charming village of Tramelan in the Swiss Jura.

Between 1936 and 1969, the watch factory Silvana S.A. developed continously and in the 1960's business expanded gradually and turnover increased year over year. Silvana's markets were not only restricted to Europe, Silvana products were very popular also in South America, in the Middle East and the Caribbean. Both the distribution and sales were organized out of the company's own offices in Bienne. Silvana was very successful with their lines of pocket watches during 1940 - 1970, with motifs such as "La Montre Paysan", "La Montre Chasseur" or the special edition "Chemin de Fer Turc" graved on the back of the watch.

A special diving watch was very well sold in South America and the Caribbean during the 1960's. In 1969 the owner of the watch factory Silvana S.A. joined with an industrialist from Neuchatel, who aready possessed the brands "Avia", "Helvetia" and "Fleurier Watch". This cooperation resulted in the firm Avia & Silvana S.A., which soon thereafter was integrated into the holding company of the Societe des Garde-Temps S.A. SGT, a conglomerate, which, besides owning various prestigious watch brands, ran subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad and wrote turnovers of over 100 million Swiss Francs per year.

In July of 1982, SGT sold the brand Silvana to a commercial firm in Bienne and on 27 February 1992, Silvana AG was founded and registered in the Commercial Registry of Zurich.

Brand Ambassadors

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Famous Silvana Wearers

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