Howard's Radio Daze

Yeah, I used to work in radio back in the golden age of wireless (the 1980's). That's right, I was a superstar, an object of wild lustful thoughts, and a teen idol to boot. At least that's how I prefer to remember it. Best job I hardly got paid for...

The goal and purpose of this page is to qwell the need for me to "do my radio voice". It is pretty hard to just turn it on and off... unless I am at a monster truck rally on Sunday... Sunday... Sunday!

What you have below are what we in the business refer to as "Airchecks". Some of the files are a bit large so click at your own risk!

WAYY 1150 AM
Chippewa Falls, WI
Circa 1980
WOLK 1050 AM
Eau Claire, WI
Circa 1984
WDXR 1450 AM
Paducah, KY
Circa 1885
KHFO 98.1 FM
Memphis, TN
Circa 1986
WAAW 103.7 FM
Murray, KY
Circa 1986
WISM AM 1050
Eau Claire, WI
Circa 1986
WMAD 92.1 FM
Madison, WI
Circa 1987-90
WJJO 94.1 FM
Madison, WI
Circa 1991-93

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