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Surprisingly, this site has been on the internet for 22 years. That was about the same time that Google started. Sadly, my site never reached that level of commercial success. Perhaps if I would have tried...

About Howard

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    A former radio personality, Howard is a Senior Healthcare and Information Technology Executive with diverse industry experience including healthcare, benefits, telecommunications, insurance, IT consulting, and financial services. Should I be a part of your professional network? Here is my public LinkedIn Profile.
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    In his spare time, Howard enjoys spending time playing with his golden retriever, cranking up the reggae tunes, captaining his boat, riding his Vespa, sleeping on the beach in Hanalei, and writing about himself in the third person.
  • Bragging Rights
    Many people dream of vacationing where I live or the other place I live.
  • Favorite Colour
    Pantone PMS 624 (aka: #7fa08c).

Radio Stuff

Yeah, I used to work in radio back in the golden age of wireless (the 1980's). That's right, I was a superstar, an object of wild lustful thoughts, and a teen idol to boot. At least that's how I prefer to remember it. Best job I hardly got paid for...

The goal and purpose of this page is to qwell the need for me to "do my radio voice". It is pretty hard to just turn it on and off... unless I am at a monster truck rally on Sunday... Sunday... Sunday!

What you have below are what we in the business refer to as "Airchecks". Some of the files are a bit large so click at your own risk!

WAYY 1150 AM

Chippewa Falls, WI
Circa 1979
We were an old school local news and big band station. Spinning the best of the 30's, 40's, 50's, some of the 60's, and the cheesy stuff from the seventies! The music of your life...

  • Whoops! There must be a cassette around here somewhere, I will keep looking...

WOLK 1050 AM

Eau Claire, WI
Circa 1984
Your basic full service AM from the late 70's and early 80's. Lots of chatter, lots of 'Personality', lots of plates spinning. 'Jim' Drake at the controls of the “Niffy-Ten-Fifty”. We always had something going on, never a dull day.

WDXR 1450 AM

Paducah, KY
Circa 1885
This was another Music of your Life station. But we also did a TON of sports, like local football and baseball coverage and Cardinals baseball and other fun stuff. I worked the Mid-day shift so I heard many many many baseball games. I even had the (good?) fortune of being drafted to do the live radio coverage of the local high school football and baseball teams. Go Blue Tornados!

  • So Many Cassettes... So little time. I promise I will clean out my desk and find a sample. The cassette player might be a bigger challenge...

KHFO 98.1 FM

Memphis, TN
Circa 1986
Hard core classic rock. We played 500 songs. Songs that I personally decided were classic rock. When we changed formats, I played a 3 month commercial free music jam... that made for some pretty kick ass sweepers .... 'Your in the middle of a 3 month commercial free music marathon... crank it up so your momma knows your home!' Fun stuff.

This station is now known as WXMX.

WAAW 103.7 FM

Murray, Ky
Circa 1986
This was a start up station, and I was added to the staff to give it that professional punch (whatever that means!). Creepy concoction of album oriented rock with some really weird eclectic track selection. I worked mornings and was there for a couple months... My main memory was that we played a lot of actual vinyl albums, and they skipped... NIGHTMARE! Especially when you are in the restroom getting rid of coffee....

WISM AM 1050

Eau Claire, WI
Circa 1986
The Niffy 1050. This station was a real hold over or throw back to the classic 'boss radio' stations of the 70's and early 80's with all the 'too cool' puker jocks that talked over the music. What made it even more of a throw-back (or an artifact) was that it was an AM station that was still playing music. And the DJ's were seldom penalized for breaking the format, so you could really make the show your own. Hell, we actually played records! All in all, I was glad that I was able to work in this environment, because it is long gone now, replaced by cue card reading computers.

WMAD 92.1 FM

Madison, WI
Circa 1987-90

What can I say?

This was a totally awesome radio station. Pretty much a pioneer in what is now commonly called the AAA format. We were called Alternative at that time, and we were definitely alternative... most of the people that worked there did so out of a true love of radio and what we were doing, cuz god knows the payroll checks bounced often enough!

Anyway, I was the voice of the station promotions, liners, and sweepers. So what we have here are some examples of concerts we sponsored and other promos that we ran. It should give you some idea of the stuff we were up to in the late 80's and early 90's. Enjoy...

WJJO 94.1 FM

Madison, WI
Circa 1991-93
Actually a bit more refined attempt at the Adult Contemporary format. A little bit less hard then what we did on WMAD. The approach was more to take a classic rock/adult contemporary station and sprinkle in some new stuff. The kind of station that you could leave on at work and not offend your people, but would not put you right to sleep. Challenging. Which is why this station is now the hard rocker that it is....

Current Sounds

Das Interweb
Circa Now
I used to have an internet radio station, but what is the point really? There are so many options for everyone. Now I just concentrate on keeping my music collection well curated and finding cool new stuff. Here are some samples:

  • Howard's Yacht Rock Spotify Playlist
    Picture yourself on your yacht in 1982. This is the smooth left-coast soundtrack of your super cool life. “Won't you pour me a Cuban Breeze, Gretchen?”

  • 2017 Discoveries
    Always on the lookout for cool new tunes, here are some things I found so far this year.

  • 2016 Discoveries
    Some sweet new tunes I discovered in 2016.

  • Chill?
    You could always just chill...

Howard's Cavalcade of Cars

All the recent talk about self-drivng cars and Hyperloops got me thinking. How long will it be before my next car will be a globally positioned computerized autonomous pod? How long before you will not even be able to buy a traditional vehicle? Hum. That got me thinking about all the fun I have had over the years in a whole mess of different cars and trucks. And so I bring you, my cavalcade of cars...

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

Nothing like a muscle car for your first ride! My first car was a muscle car. This car was a smoker to be sure. Best of all, it was my first car, so it could have been a Yugo and I probably would have loved the thing. I got in plenty of trouble as it was...

1969 Ford LTD

Paid about a dollar per mile that she had on her. The height of 1960s fashion and luxury, everything was completely built in an custom, so you better like what you get! FM radio? Who needs it... And, a suspension that was so soft you could hit a rail road tie at 50 mph and never even feel it.

1967 Ford Ranch Wagon

This was my Family Truckster. I know this is a ridiculous car to be attached to, but it was the family car when I was growing up, and then later mine... so there was a lot of history there... those were my teeth marks on the left rear window knob. Lots of room in the back as I recall... Ours was lovely saturn green (it was the space age!) as you see in the picture.

1978 Honda Accord

My first car that was less than 10 years old when I bought it! I had the hatchback. That's the cool one... There is a reason that they are still making these vehicles today, they got a lot right with this car... even if mine was a bit of an odd bird for the United States, since in came from Canada with a owners manual that was in French and metric controls. I managed to make due...

1985 Mazda GLC

My first new car! As you can clearly see I spared all expense. I actually made the dealer take out the radio because I did not agree to the upgrade. Stupid, I just had to buy one and put it in myself. Don't even get me started on the Air conditioning, that is not a DIY job... I know that now.

1985 Chevrolet Cavalier

Anne's First Car... and first new car! According to Anne, when someone brings it up, she is always very quick to point out that it was the 'Type 10'... you know, the cool one... What can I say, I was very glad that it got her back and forth and to and fro. Her's was a cool grey one like the one on the bottom, but in much better condition then that since she takes excellent care of everything!

1992 Mitsubishi Expo

Family Truckster for the 90's. This was actually a really good idea for a car, it was kinda like a jacked up mini station wagon. It was a good concept, and it worked out well for us. And it had that new car smell... at least for a little while...

1996 Jeep Cherokee

I had always wanted a Jeep since I was young... I used to play with a little toy Wagoneer. This vehicle was a real no frills truck, dispite the fact that it was the limited version. Air conditioning choices? On or Off. Cup holders? After market snap on. You get the idea... Be careful what toys you get your kids... hummm, I used to have lots of toy boats and airplanes too...

1997 Chrysler Town and Country

This was a very comfortable and upscale van. And we used it to haul people, stuff and dogs back and forth from Illionis to Wisconsin... Every weekend. Everyone has to have a mini-van at some point... And if you are going to go, they you might as well go big!

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Annes favorite car of all time (at least she used to say that, I think she might have a changed her mind with some recent rides). It was definitely upscale for us, and it did well in the snow and the limited amount of off road driving we do (like our driveway for instance... see below). It made the trip from Chicago to Northern Wisconsin every weekend for a really, really, really long time... but then it hit 100,000 miles and it went to hell almost immediately as if on que. Hence... no more Jeeps...

2001 Chevrolet S10 Pickup

All tough looking and jacked up... ya hey ya betcha. It hauled my rear and my trash for about 100,000 miles. I usually do not not ask much more then that, well sometimes. Satellite radio was a nice after market addition...

2003 Audi TT

So awesome I just wanted to lick it everyday. So of course I needed to keep it very very clean at all times. You know, most of the time when you really really want something, and you finally get it, there is a tendency to suffer some disappointment. Not in this case! It was actually better then I thought it would be... and best of all, totally impractical. You just had to love it. This car also plays a prominent role in a Steely Dan song - 'The things I miss the most'. Missing things is bad...

2003 Chevrolet Trail Blazer LT EXT

We called this one Big Red, which was also an oblique reference to a Steely Dan song (Janie Runaway), but a different album. I guess I have no complaints about this vehicle per se. It was pretty much just a truck, and the gas milage left something to be desired. Drove like a marshmallow on wheels.

2007 Audi Q7

Audi decided they wanted to be in the SUV business, so they dreamed up this little number. This was actually the upscale version of the Porsche Cayenne. This baby had all the bells and whistles, if you could put it on or in a vehicle, this thing had it. If I had to be honest, and apparently I do, this was WAY more vehicle then we needed just to get up and down our driveway and haul the dogs back and forth to Minocqua. But it was a very nice ride.

2008 Audi A4

This is widely credited at the car that was responsible for Audi's success in recent years. This ride was rock solid, gets great gas mileage, and it has all wheel drive so it will actually make it up and down the driveway! Dolphin Grey S-line... nice.

2009 Audi A4

Audi did a complete re-work of this model for 2009 and all I can say is wow. This thing gets great mileage and has all the luxury upgrades that you would expect, and then a couple more. The Dogs loved it... As you can see below, Anne drove it right off the show room floor as she is want to do on occasion....

2009 Vespa S 50

I have wanted one of these for a very long time (1973 - American Graffiti). Anyway, it was Annes birthday - she got a nice birthday present, so of course I need to buy myself something. Fair is fair, right? Turns out that I was right to want one. This is a really fun ride, and I only have to put gas in it about once a summer as I scoot all around. Mine is Taormina Orange... Anne says that is the coolest color, of course.